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The Cloud Maker Comic

In the beginning, Father Time gave his three children a world to look after. Isis, the youngest, was given the sky to maintain. Rikus, the middle brother, was given the land to watch over. Altus, the oldest of the three, was gifted the vast ocean to defend and preserve. When a violent feud breaks out between the once peaceful sibling Gods, it unleashes chaos upon the world that they had once sworn to protect. With the Gods at war, the people from the sky, land, and sea soon followed.


After centuries of blood and warfare, the world is dying. In a desperate attempt to save what is left of their world, three companions must overcome their people's bloody histories and pull together. Young and naïve, the trio soon discovers that the scars of war go far deeper than they ever could have imagined. Can they put their differences aside and save their world? Or will past resentments tear them apart?


Join Ari, Kira, and Fen on their epic journey across Asteryn to reach the Gods and save what is left their world, before everyone's time runs out. 

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