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The Cloud Maker

Main Cast

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Full Name- Aristotle (Ari for short)

Gender- Male

Height- 5’5” (adolescent) - 6’0” (adult)

Species- Alae (Race of the Sky)

Eye Color- Gold/Blue

Age- 15 years (adolescent) - 36 years (adult)

Weight-  65 lbs (adolescent) - 98 lbs (adult) (light due to his avian bones and slight build)

Personality-  A childhood full of chores and heavy responsibility has formed Ari into a hard-working young man. He’s fiercely loyal and is steadfast in his commitment to his friends and allies. Ari is overly-trusting of people, and he is utterly ignorant about the world beyond his secluded farmhouse. He doesn’t understand how his alae identity makes him a target in the war-torn world, which makes him easy prey for Soldiers. While not overly confident, Ari will barrel into deadly situations simply because he underestimates the danger. Because of his shortcomings, Ari functions best when surrounded by friends. He relies on the wisdom of those around  him, and never goes too far without his loving mount, Mabel.

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Full Name- Kira

Gender- Female

Height- 5’7” (adolescent) - 5’9” (adult)

Species- Human (Race of the Land)

Eye Color- Green/Red

Age- 16 years (adolescent) - 37 years (adult)

Weight-  130 lbs (adolescent) - 145 lbs (adult) (strong and lean build)

Personality-  Proud and powerful, Kira had an isolated childhood in which she was rarely asked to step out of her comfort zone. Because of this, she has a skewed understanding of the world and the overall dynamic of the three races. She has seen the worst of humanity, which leads her to be distant and secretive. She never stops to befriend anyone for fear of betrayal or rejection. Kira is an unnaturally skilled fighter and weapons expert. A childhood

of training has molded her into a terrifying fighting force. She can utilize any weapon at her disposal and will unleash a deadly assault onto anyone who threatens her. Despite her rough tendencies, Kira is an excellent listener and protector.

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Full Name- Fenric (Fen for short) 

Gender- Male

Height- 5’2” (adolescent) - 6’2” (adult)

Species- Pellie (Race of the Sea)

Eye Color- Blue/Cyan

Age- 14 years (adolescent) - 35 years (adult)

Weight-  115 lbs (adolescent) - 140 lbs (adult)(initially short, but and wiry build)

Personality-  Fen may be small, but don't let his size fool you; what he lacks in height, he makes up for in attitude. As a kid, Fen’s stature made him the target of mockery, and he consequently developed an abrasive personality. The young pellie can be sarcastic and rude, and sometimes even a bit prejudiced. He takes a long time to trust people and struggles to separate his current relationships from past traumas. Fen and his family were subjugated by the human race, which gave him, and pellies in general, an innate distrust of the species. When he and his family were held captive in Altusi, Fen developed comprehensive fighting skills and an astute judge of character. Overall, Fen has a good

heart but is a handful to have as a friend. If you are lucky enough to gain his trust, Fen has the makings of a faithful friend and perceptive counselor.


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Full Name- Mabelline (Mabel for short)

Gender- Female

Height- 8'5"

Species- Taesini (Mount of the Alae)

Eye Color- Bright Red

Age- 17 years 

Weight- 125 lbs (light due to her avian bones)

Personality-  Unbeknownst to Ari, Mabel is the last living taesini in Asteryn. Having grown up beside Ari, Mabel rarely spends more than a day apart from her alae owner. Ari has ridden Mabel since he was a toddler, and they are now quite inseparable. Mabel won't hesitate to protect Ari if anything threatens him, as taesinis are incredibly territorial and protective of their owners. She understands most of what is being said around her, which gives her a dynamic and emotive personality. While her species is not

traditionally very threatening, her sharp beak and claws can cause quite a bit of damage should the need arise. Like most of Asteryn's avian species, her diet primarily consists of fruit, nuts, and fish.


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Full Name- Bayde of the East

Gender- Male

Height- 6'2"

Species- Human (Race of the Land)

Eye Color- Pale Green

Age-  39 years (adult) - 59 years (senior)

Weight-  180 lbs (adult) - 155 lbs (senior) (tall and athletic build)

Personality-  Bayde values unity, peace, and cooperation above all else. He is compassionate and understanding in his quest to bring the world out from under the tyranny of the Old Gods. His quest for peace between the three races has been both incredibly successful and simultaneously divisive. During Rikus' reign, Bayde worked with a small band of resistance members to bring the Mad God down. Now, his small following has grown into a national movement. Thousands consider him to be the rightful ruler to fill the void of power left by the Olds Gods. Bayde has never regarded himself as a suitable leader, nor has he ever desired a seat of power in Asteryn. Bayde was born amid the God's War in the occupied town of Rikaran. After being displaced, he was raised by a pellie priest who taught Bayde the value of coexistence at a young age.

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Full Name- Rikus

Gender- Male

Height- 7’2”

Species- God

Eye Color-  Blue/Grey/Bright Red

Age- Unknown

Weight- Unknown

Personality-  Rikus is the mighty, immoveable, God of the Land and keeper of the Dark Forces. When he and his two siblings were gifted Asteryn, he took up his role with appropriate hesitance. He never underestimated the scale of his job, and often lacked confidence in his decisions as a God. Rikus has little respect for his Father and his older brother Altus, for he believed it was a rash decision to create and govern an entire planet. Isis, his younger sister and confidant, was lost to him when the wars broke out, and

Rikus was consumed by his own misery. The Mad God isolated himself from his family. His emotional festering turned into motivation to eliminate everything his brother and sister had built. Rikus created The Soldiers, a fierce combat force with the sole intention of humanizing the pellies, alae, and Asteryn at large. Despite his cruelty, Rikus created the most innovative and intelligent species Asteryn has ever seen: the human race.


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Full Name- Isis

Gender- Female

Height- 7’0”

Species- God

Eye Color- Bright Blue

Age- Unknown

Weight- Unknown

PersonalityIsis, Goddess of the Skies and Light Forces of the world, loved her brother Rikus more than anything. The two of them initially took up their Godships with vigor and were eager to prove their competence to their Father. She is determined and stubborn and is usually unwilling to compromise her judgments.  When the conflict broke out between her and her beloved brother, Isis was never the same. Her joy turned to bitterness, which she aimed upon the humans of the world. She is the creator and protector of the alae people, the race of the sky, and the latest guardian of the Cloud Makers. After the Cloud Makers left Altus at the start of the war, Isis vowed to protect the light within them in hopes of one day using them to destroy Rikus.


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Full Name- Altus

Gender- Male

Height- 7’5”

Species- God

Eye Color- Deep Blue

Age- Unknown

Weight- Unknown

PersonalityRational and stoic, the sea God Altus is only truly happy when surrounded by the waves. Unlike his brother and sister, Altus has always had a unique relationship with his Father, which alienated him from his two siblings. Altus loves his siblings but has a hard time verbalizing it, as he spends the majority of his time in solitude. As a believer in fate and the predetermined

workings of his world, Altus did little to stop his brother and sister from falling into madness. The wars that followed tore an irreplaceable hole in their family. Altus gave life to the pellies, a race of sea folk who briefly thrived in the oceans before they were hunted during the war. Now, the pellies live off the land as humans do. Altus was forever shaped by his failure to protect his people and his siblings.


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The Soldiers


Full Name- The Soldiers

Gender- None

Height- Varies

Species- Dark Shadow

Eye Color- Red

Age- Unknown

Weight- Unknown

Personality-  Created by the Mad God Rikus, The Soldiers have no individuality, no morals, and no mercy. They were designed to have no conscience so that they could complete tasks most humans would consider unethical. A Soldier cannot speak, it can only emit a piercing shriek to alert its fellow shadows. They communicate directly through Rikus, and he supplies them with their primary function of seeking out and eliminating all non-human life. Their targets also include humans who disobey Rikus' express mandates. Soldiers used to be elite human warriors but were lost in battle. Rikus conjured the shadows of his fallen brethren and transformed them into the formidable army that they are today.

Supporting Cast

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The Cloud Makers

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Father Time

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Grandpa Jeb

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